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Mission Statement​

To provide feed, nutritional expertise and service that is specific to the producer’s situation / needs and is unquestionable in quality and value.

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Pacific Northwest Agricultural Community

EPL Feed, LLC‘s team is dedicated to providing quality feeds, nutritional support and service to the agricultural community in the Pacific Northwest. With our on-staff nutritionists, production facilities in Sumas, Washington, and Othello, Washington, and a dedicated production and delivery team, we at EPL take seriously the role we play in the individual dairy producer’s success.


On December 1, 2011, Land O’Lakes, Inc. and the Elenbaas Company formed EPL Feed, LLC for the expressed purpose, as well as a shared commitment, to offer the region’s dairy producers the optimal mix of animal products and technologies. The underlying goal of EPL Feed, LLC is to provide optimum products and services to the dairy producers in the Pacific Northwest through innovative feed processing technologies, high-quality ingredients, advanced nutrition and a personal approach to customer service.

What We Do — EPL Feed Products and Services

EPL Feed provides expert dairy nutrition services and products to meet the needs of dairies and producers in the Northwest. EPL strives to help producers attain the best health of their cows by offering expert nutrition services and custom feed blends with optimal nutrient content and precise customized rations and individual feeding schedules. Producers look to EPL Feed for assistance in achieving optimal performance in their dairy operations.

How we work with farms and ranchers

Profitable performance

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Collect forage and byproducts samples for analysis and evaluate farm data according to the goals of each farm or ranch.

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EPL Provides a Nutrition Program

Providing customers with the latest information available to improve animal management, forage selection and harvest as well as evaluation of other areas of each operation.

Main Office

2 Locations

411 W Front Street
Sumas, WA 98295

2098 W McManamon Rd
Othello, WA 99344