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Whatcom County
Rod Bierlink: 360-815-2845
Dave VanVoorst: 360-815-4358

Skagit County & South
Greg Boon: 360-661-6643

Eastern WA
Jeff Harris: 509-952-6833
Tucker Cool: 509-750-5780

Deb Wilks, PhD: 509-386-7385

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We purchase local wheat, barley and corn.

Do you grow wheat, barley or corn? Let’s work together!

Board of Trade

We have provided convenient links to the main items: Soybean Meal, Corn and Class III Milk.

The grain trade refers to the local and international trade in cereals and other food grains such as wheat, barley, maize, and rice. Healthy grain supply and trade is important to providing a caloric base for most food systems as well as important in animal feed for animal agriculture.

Soybean Meal


Class III Milk

How we work with farms and ranchers

Profitable performance

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Animal Type · Farm Size · Profitable Goals

Collect forage and byproducts samples for analysis and evaluate farm data according to the goals of each farm or ranch.

Proven Results

EPL Provides a Nutrition Program

Providing customers with the latest information available to improve animal management, forage selection and harvest as well as evaluation of other areas of each operation.

Main Office

2 Locations

411 W Front Street
Sumas, WA 98295

2098 W McManamon Rd
Othello, WA 99344