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Appropriate nutrients for livestock, beef, feedlot and other animal operations

All of our products are customized to meet the needs of individual dairies based on a nutrition evaluation from our highly trained and experienced nutritionists and the goals of the dairy producer.

Forage Evaluation

Record Analysis


Feed Formulation

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Calf Feeds & Milk Replacers

Our feeds and milk replacers provide nutrients for calf maximum immune function and health, which results in reduced costs for raising calves to profitable size and weight at first calving. EPL Feed has a calf feed for all stages of growth with both moderate and high protein versions, each designed to produce high-quality calves. We also have a calf feed specifically designed for the bull calf grower and beef feedlots.


Heifer Programs

We design replacement heifer programs for individual dairies and heifer ranches formulated to work with available forages, grains and byproducts. Heifers raised on EPL heifer programs are healthier with optimum rates of gain so they are ready to calve early and become profitable replacements.


Closeup and Dry Cow Custom Formulated Products

The latest researched ingredients, provided in our closeup and dry cow custom formulated products, will allow cows and heifers to transition to the lactation ration with fewer health problems and highest peak milks. These products are individually formulated based on the individual dairy differences and forage and grains unique for each dairy.


Lactation Products

EPL Nutritionists take advantage new technologies as well as proven methods to provide lactating programs that fit each dairy individually. The most up-to-date programs are utilized including Calibrate technology and amino acid balancing. Well researched, high-quality ingredients, minerals and supplements are used to formulate rations for optimum milk production, components, and maximum income over feed cost while maintaining environmental stewardship.


Specialty Products

In addition to ruminants, EPL’s nutritionists can formulate feeds and provide advice for other species. These include sheep, goats, and other small ruminants as well as poultry, swine, llama and emu. Please contact your local EPL specialist for more information.

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