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We provide a range of services for Northwest producers helping them meet and exceed the goals of their operations.


Expert Nutritionists

Our nutritionists are among today’s most highly qualified in agriculture and have experience in dairy science and dairy nutrition. EPL Feed nutritionists receive ongoing education to stay updated on new technologies and research available in nutrition and management. Among the many services they provide, our nutritionists record evaluation, ration balancing utilizing state of the art technologies and farm audits in all areas of concern. They provide expert knowledge that can help increase your herd’s bottom line.


Dairy Specialists

We know dairy, and our team of dairy specialists are experienced in northwest dairy management and nutrition. They work closely with our nutritionists to provide the best nutrition services for dairy producers. Our specialists receive regular continuing education on the latest technologies and best practices to improve dairy profitability.


Working with Producers

EPL Feed hosts an annual, complimentary Producer’s College, which is designed to educate dairy producers and employees on best practices in various aspects of their business. Examples of past topics include calves, forage quality and milk quality. Click here (news & events) to learn more about this year’s Producers College.

Technologies and Other Services

We use Calibrate Technology to provide an advanced evaluation of forages and grains and for the formulation of rations for the digestibility of NDF and starch. We also provide Amino Acid formulation according to the latest research available providing improved efficiency of protein utilization and better environmental management. We use a certified forage testing labs for forage evaluations and provide farm audits by partnering with experts in the industry.

These products are formulated and manufactured to optimum performance.

Forage Evaluation

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Feed Formulation

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EPL Provides a Nutrition Program

Providing customers with the latest information available to improve animal management, forage selection and harvest as well as evaluation of other areas of each operation.

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